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Jan-NEW-ary: New Year, New You

It’s a New Year and I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for kicking off the new year right with health, wellness and beauty PLUS what’s new for 2022!

Healthy Eating


Start your morning off with vitamin infused coffee. Daysmith Coffee is based in Austin and is the first line of vitamin-infused coffees with benefits. They are 100% plant-based with low calories and low sugar. The brand’s lineup includes Straight Black Cold Brew with Multi-Vitamin, Vanilla Oatmilk Latte for Focus and Mocha Oatmilk Latte for Immunity. $27/6 pack or $48/12 cans or save 15% w monthly subscription


Plant based Keto bars for a healthier snack. All the taste without the carbs! CORE Refrigerated Keto Bars are crafted with 100% plant based ingredients and have 0g of added sugar and only 3g of net carbs to keep you full, fueled and your sweet tooth totally satisfied. Try their newest flavor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough which brings all that fresh from the mixing bowl flavor without all the carbs and sugar. Plus you’ll find CORE Keto Bars in the fridge which gives them their super soft and chewy texture., Select: Walmart, Targets Nationwide, $2.50/Bar


Plant Based Seafood for a Healthy New Year. The Plant Based Seafood Co’s goal is to innovate and produce plant based food analogs that are clean, sustainable, healthy and realistic in form and performance. The “Mind Blown” product line is free from soy, gluten, dairy, egg, corn, palm oil and is non-GMO. Features Coconut Shrimp, Dusted Shrimp and Dusted Scallops.,,,, Select Retail Locations – $13 – $14


Sustainable Foods Delivered to Doorstep to Make New Year Routines Easier and Healthier Imperfect Foods offers a complete line of sustainable, affordable items conveniently dropped off at your doorstep to make your holiday and everyday meals deliciously good while eliminating unnecessary food waste. It’s a conscious convenience and they are doing this by reimagining grocery delivery by finding a home for the imperfect or “ugly” fruits and vegetables that farms couldn’t sell to grocery stores thus fulfilling their mission of eliminating food waste and building a better food system for everyone. – Sign up for free – No subscription or service fees


Sustainably Raised Family Dinner Option this New Year Superior Farms is the largest purveyor of all natural, sustainably raised American lamb, offered in ground lamb, lamb loin chops and economical shoulder chop cuts perfect for grilling up dinner or follow chef crafted recipes like a caramelized American lamb roast to wow your family. They have step-by-step recipes available on their website. And, did you know lamb, ounce by ounce, is leaner than beef and has more health-promoting Omega 3 fatty acids., Local Raley’s, BelAir and Nob Hill Markets, Local Grocers, $5.99 – $29.99 per pound

Beauty & Wellness


Brighten Your Dull Skin in the New Year. Olay’s proprietary technology brightens dull skin instantly, leaving you with two times brighter skin vs a basic moisturizer after just 28 days. It corrects the look of uneven tone and texture without clogging pores and with 24-hour moisture. It’s also proven to hydrate better than a $400 cream and includes dermatologist recommended ingredients like Vitamin C to boost collagen production, Vitamin B3 to boost surface cell turnover and AHA Lactic Acid to tackle hyperpigmentation., Under $40


Perfect Gym Bag Essential and better alternative to energy drinks and shots. Powerful, long-lasting, energy gummies made with real fruits and available in three flavors: Elderberry, Valencia Orange and Tropical. Each pouch of GummiShot features a simple label with ingredients you can read and contain three gummies that contain 75mg of natural caffeine each, which is roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee for one gummy and 225mg per pouch which is higher than other leading regular strength energy shots.

Amazon, $9.97 for 3 Pack,


A great way to brighten your smile for the New Year! SNOW’s new electric toothbrush features sonic technology and blue LED light for whitening support with four different cleaning modes. SNOW provides quality at-home oral care to bring you your healthiest, most confident smile yet. Whiten your teeth quickly and safely from the comfort of your own home. SNOW has over 1 million happy customers., $149


All Natural Supplement to Help with Menopause Symptom Relief. MenoLabs creates all-natural solutions and brings a new approach to dealing with the effects of menopause. MenoFit is an advanced, doctor formulated supplement made with 28 ingredients to help support reduced hot flashes, healthy weight, boosted metabolism, balanced mood, reduced night sweats, bone and joint health, increased mental clarity, immune and heart health and more. Rated 5 stars, it is the ONLY clinically tested, all-natural, complete menopause symptom relief supplement that combines a blend of targeted probiotics, phytoestrogens, and vitamins and minerals that women need., $49.99 one time purchase / $39.99 monthly subscription


Hair Health and Regrowth Solution for New Year. For those that want to work on their hair regrowth, the Nioxin Hair Regrowth Kit is a ne 3-part hair care regimen that provides a solution for regrowing hair and nourishing the scalp foundation for thicker, fuller hair. The kit comes with a 30-day supply of shampoo, conditioner and hair regrowth treatment – 2% minoxidil for women and 5% minoxidil for men to jumpstart your hair regrowth journey. Minoxidil is FDA approved and is the only clinically proven treatment to help regrow hair.  

Amazon, $49


Self Help Book: How to Live with Intention in New Year. For those looking to live with more intention and purpose this year, the book Holy S, We’re Alive is a great guide to help with your journey. The book is by Doug Cartwright, founder of The Daily Shifts, an online platform that helps you find better habits, wellness tips and inner peace. It’s part memoir of Doug’s personal experiences and also part self help book where he gives insights about how to find self-love and create a meaningful life. Its super deep, poignant and at times very funny leaving you feeling inspired, refreshed and super energized.

Amazon, $22 Hardcover / $14 Paperback

Family Finds


Grow Your Own Food Right on Your Countertop this New Year. Rise Gardens Personal Garden is an indoor, hydroponic, WIFI-enabled garden that makes it easy to grow your own food. Compact enough to sit on a shelf or countertop, the personal garden is WiFi-enabled and mobile app controlled – meaning you’ll know exactly when to add nutrients and water, manage lights and when it’s time to harvest your veggies. It’s easy, durable and fun! You can grow up to 12 plants at once – from leafy salad greens to herbs and even microgreens. There are over 60 types of seeds to choose from including bundled seed kits for pizza, smoothies, Asian stir fry and more., Amazon, $279


Open the door to a new level of independence, safety and peace of mind, for kids and parents alike with the Spacetalk Adventurer. This device combines a cellular 4G phone with a GPS device into a rugged smartwatch for kids. Equipped with reassuring safety features such as SOS alerts, Safe Zones, Safe Contact lists, Goggle Maps powered GPS locations on-demand, and no open access to the internet or social media. Parents can manage their child’s device and customize its features with Spacetalk’s free app, making it even easier to stay connected with your child and ensure their safety at all times., Amazon, Walmart,, $199


Find your team of experts to reach all of your 2022 New Year Goals. JustAnswer provides affordable online access to professional experts, 24/7. Chat with lawyers, doctors, vets, mechanics and more. It’s a platform that connects people with live, verified, vetted experts for real-time assistance, insight and answers to questions and problems. With more than 12,000 experts across 700 categories, JustAnswer provides access to affordable professionals to support your 2022 wellness, financial, home improvement goals with CPAs and financial experts or home improvement specialists as well as support New Year’s Resolutions of improving health and relationship goals by connecting you with doctors and mental health specialists., $40-$70/month

Don’t Forget Your Pets


Don’t Forget Your Pets – Refresh Your Routines and Resolutions to Include Your Pets. Great time to make resolutions and refresh your routines – especially with your pets! Chewy is a one-stop shop for everything your pets need from daily essentials to medications. Health is top of mind for all of us and Pet Parents want to improve their pets’ health and hygiene like finger toothbrushes, Frisco grooming kits or supplements to help with digestion, immune system and heart or joint health. Also great time to Get Organized and On a Routine with automatic feeders, cute toy baskets and treat jars. And, Encourage our Pets to Be More Active with a new GPS Tracker Collar and Treat Dispensers or Toys. Chewy helps our pets stay happy and healthy this year!



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