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Quarantine Fatigue Refresh to Keep You Going!

We are two months into quarantine and are reaching the stage of Quarantine Fatigue. I know I am so here are a few suggestions of simple ways to refresh your routine and help give you a boost or just make things easier!

Beauty Refresh

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Sometimes just small changes in our beauty routine can give us a lift. If your community pool hasn’t opened up yet for some time in the sun and you are missing your summer glow, a healthy alternative is Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. It gives natural-looking color gradually without streaking. Just apply it like a natural moisturizer Amazon, $7.99

Sustainable Switchover

MyKirei by KAO Sustainable Hand Wash

If you’ve been on the cabinet cleanout and purge like I have then you may be looking for more sustainable products that stretch your budget while helping the environment. I have thrown away so many plastic bottles and have found a great new vegan option of Hand Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner that is packaged in sustainable AIR bottles that reduce plastic by 50%. Its design also helps get almost every drop out of the bottle! Amazon, $18

Kitchen Refresh – Cook Faster!

George Foreman Contact Smokeless Grill

I honestly have never spent so much time in the kitchen and it’s starting to feel like groundhog day so I started looking for solutions to help make meals easier and faster. I also retired my outdoor grill after the last hurricane season because I was tired of dragging it from my patio to the garage so I found the George Foreman Smokeless Ready Grill that cooks 3x faster with 85% less smoke to use in the kitchen. I’m all for anything that can help me cook faster and make clean up easier. The fact the plates pop off to put in the dishwasher was what won me over to try it., $69.88

Baking Buddies

Bamboozle Nesting Bowls

I’ve also been printing recipes and baking for myself and neighbors and it was a nice boost to treat myself to a new set of bowls that I can use for baking or snacks that nest within themselves and didn’t take up a lot of room in my cabinet. I chose Bamboozle’s Nesting Bowls because they were made with sustainable bamboo material to keep on the track of finding sustainable, green living options., $70/set

Heading Out of the House

Coppersafe Masks

As things slowly start to open, finding a safe facemask solution is important to wear while you are out. CopperSAFE neckware and facemasks are made by two brothers in North Carolina with copper-infused material and meet the CDC and WHO recommendations. Copper is a naturally self-sanitizing material and they are lightweight, breathable and washable. You can even put your own logo on them., $14.99



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