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Wedding Wednesday: How to Stay True to Yourself Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with so many options and so many opinions. Don’t get lost in the process! Here are my top tips on how to plan a wedding that keeps your personalities individually and as a couple front and center in your big day

The True Goal of Your Wedding

Guests should leave saying, “That was SO them!” Weddings are an art of storytelling in my opinion so be sure to incorporate elements that tell guests your story…

Be true to yourselves

Be true to yourselves as individuals and as a couple by:

  • Combining or incorporating personal elements of things that share your identity like your respective heritages or elements that were important as you grew as a couple. Example: One of my couples bonded over the musical group Journey and he proposed at a Journey concert so we had a record themed groom’s cake and each guest table was marked with a gold record labeled with one of their favorite songs instead of traditional table numbers.
  • Doing something ultra-traditional or completely untraditional if it suits you both
  • Incorporate some of your favorite things that you love such as warm chocolate chip cookies and shot glasses of milk as dessert rather than a large wedding cake.

It’s important to remember that your wedding is completely about the celebration of the two of you so do what you feel is right, what makes you happy and what represents the two of you in planning your day.

Identify your priorities

If you love flowers and want them to be a main focal point of your day – great!  Then look at a less expensive menu or less overall decor and highlight the flowers instead. If you are foodies and fell in love over sharing favorite restaurants or couple’s cooking classes, then let’s place a focus on planning a great menu and reduce other costly elements. If you are music people, let’s find a great band and make that your highlight.

Stick to your budget

Why? Because there is nothing worse than financial stress and starting your lives off in debt so be honest and stay true to yourselves by sticking to the budget you have set. My advice to couples is to always pick two budget numbers. First the number you are most comfortable with in spending. Second, a number you absolutely can NOT go over under any circumstances. We know that there may be some extra items or splurge “must-haves” that might pop up so that second number allows you wiggle room but keeps your financial future safe at the same time.

Create an excel spreadsheet budget. I create one for every one of my couples. I think it is the best way to make sure you always know where you are in your wedding budget so you don’t overspend and get into a position of financial strain. I make a line item for every wedding category then list each vendor and their costs.  **TEMPLATE Download: Budget Breakdown

Hire a wedding planner

A good wedding planner can help you tell your story through all the elements of your wedding starting with the moment guests receive the invitation and take them on a journey that day that tells the story of you as individuals and as a couple. It’s one of the joys of our job, honestly! They can also be a creative sounding board and a powerful advocate with vendors and family to make sure you design the day of your dreams.

Rely on trusted vendors for advice

Share your story, heritage, quirks and favorite things with your vendors and ask for creative ideas and suggestions. Most vendors love being creative and helping you bring your personal story to life through your wedding so don’t hesitate to share your story and ask for their ideas!

Have Wedding Planning or Budget Questions? Ask me in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help share advice and tips…

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