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Host an Easy Oscars Party!

Are you ready for the 90th Anniversary of Oscars Sunday or having friends over to watch the Red Carpet and Award Speeches? Here’s how to host an Easy Oscar Party in three no stress steps: a few store bought treats, a quick cocktail and downloadable Red Carpet or Acceptance Speech Bingo Cards for an award-winning party!

Table Set-up and Theming


Key Tip: Use what you have around the house to set up a super glam table your guests will love!

  • I am all about re-using and re-purposing items so bring your red tablecloth from the holidays back out for a stunning red carpet table design.
  • Use gold and silver metallic accent pieces to give the table that great glamour and shine of the Oscars And, use this party as a perfect excuse to dig out your crystal bowls and glasses that have long been sitting in your cabinet to add the glittery shine of diamonds to your table!
  • I always think it is fun to theme your table with nominated Best Picture Films so be creative and give it a try! I found some great movie themed wooden clapboards at the party store for just $2.50 each and then made custom labels for the food and cocktails stations below – Easy but elevates your table to one that looks like the pros!

Key Tip: The Movies are all about indulgence to me – Indulging in 2-3 hours to yourself, Indulging in your favorite snacks and Indulging in escaping into another world for awhile so make Oscar Night a Night of Indulgent and Nostalgic Treats!

Theme your table in with some of the highlighted movies for the year that are nominated for Best Picture. It’s easy and here is how I did it:

“The Post” Salty & Sweet – Popcorn Bar:


  • You can’t see a movie without popcorn so set up a Gourmet Popcorn Station for your guests– You can easily order bags of fresh popped popcorn from most grocery stores so fill up several bowls on your table and set out popcorn bags for guests to fill themselves
  • Add a selection of popcorn flavor toppings for guests to choose from like Nacho Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, Ranch, Cinnamon Sugar, Caramel, Butter
  • Don’t forget several crystal dishes of mini-m&ms, reeses pieces and hershey’s crunch bites to add to their popcorn mix too
  • And, most importantly a huge selection of nostalgic movie theater boxes of candy – sold at any big box store for $1 each. Guests will love it!

“Lady Bird” Brownie Bites:


  • Don’t forget some great sweet treats like brownie bites and mini cupcakes for those with a sweet tooth!
  • Buy a selection from the bakery in your grocery store or if you have a special recipe you can bake your own.


“Three Billboards” Bubbly – Champagne Pops

  • Oscars screams decadence to me so I love having individual champagne bottles (pops) for guests to either pour in a champagne flute or just open and pop in a straw – Easy for you and guests love it!

“The Shape of Water” Whiplash Cocktail – Champagne and Cointreau Cocktail


  • I do love adding in at least one easy and themed cocktail so look for something that fits with your theme and is easy to make or that you can make in advance. I am serving the “The Shape of Water” Whiplash Cocktail this year tying in Best Picture Nominee The Shape of Water and it is so incredibly simple to make!
  • Here is the Recipe: Zest an orange so you have one long strand. Curl into an old fashioned glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Pour in 3/4 oz. of Cointreau and fill with Freixenet Champagne. Stir and Enjoy!
Zest an orange so you have one long strand. Curl into an old fashioned glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Pour in Cointreau and fill with Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut. Stir gently. – See more at: Absolutely delicious and I think all of your guests will enjoy it!
Custom Hashtag

Key Tip: Everyone loves posting fun photos on Facebook and Instagram so why not create your own hashtag to go with your event!

Custom Hashtag so all of your friends can find and connect their photos #JamieO’OscarParty

Oscar Party 6

I made a collection of photo props for guests to have fun with in their photos like:

  • Award Winner Envelopes – Best Guest, Best Host, Best Supporting Friend
  • Film themed cutouts from the party store and added craft sticks to the bottom for handles
  • Gold Award Statue Props from the party store
Red Carpet & Acceptance Speech Bingo!

Key Tip: The speeches are always one of the best and most anticipated parts of watching the Oscars so print off some great Acceptance Speech Bingo Cards for your guests to keep the excitement high during the show!

Here are four different versions of the Bingo Cards for you to download and print for guests to play while they watch:

Red Carpet Bingo Cards – Download the (4) Cards Below:

Oscars Acceptance Speech Bingo – Download the (4) Cards Below:

Display them inside black linen napkins that are folded and closed with a gold seal to look like award envelopes. Add a sparkly gold pencil and guests will have their own set to play throughout the show.

Pick up some fun Gold Award Statues at the Party Store to hand out to the winners or any prize of your choosing to add to the excitement!

What was your favorite nominated movie this year? Happy Oscars – Bring on the Red Carpet!





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