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Holiday Decor & Money-saving Ideas

Money saving tips and holiday decor ideas that last well beyond the holidays! You don’t have to break the bank to have fabulous holiday decor.

  • Shop your house first! – I’m sure you have some beautiful home decor pieces that you can put together to make a great holiday display.
  • Look for items like candle holders, glass or bronze dishes, vases or even books that can be incorporated into your display. I love the idea of putting collections of items together that on first thought you wouldn’t think naturally go together but they always end up working just perfectly! I call it RebelegantTM design – elegant design with a touch of rebellion that allows you to be creative and design outside the box so give it a try and see what you come up with…
  • Look for decor pieces that are Low Investment and High Impact
  • Make quick changes such as holiday inspired Pillows for your couch (examples range from $16-24)
  • Don’t have to stay traditional to red and green – Try a Mix of Metallics in silver, gold and bronze
  • Purchase pieces you can reuse in your home decor after the holidays such as mercury glass candleholders – festive for the holidays but still useable in your home decor after the holidays!
  • Spend on an investment or focal piece for an upcoming party – floral pieces designed by Lee Forrest Design
  • Use a great linen as a foundation to your table design – Linen by Over the Top Linens
  • Hair and makeup this morning by Simone Rosas of Makeover Station

Happy Designing and Send Me Photos of Your Holiday Decor Looks! I’d love to see them!



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