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Radiant Orchid is Here! Now, How Do I Design With It?




Radiant Orchid is “the” color for 2014 but now that it’s here, what do we do with it? 

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  • Embrace and Incorporate! – How to embrace and incorporate this on trend color into your home:
    • The easiest and most affordable way to update your home is through accessory pieces like pillows, throws, vases and art
    • If you want a stronger pop, you can paint a wall or a room and Pantone even put out an official Radiant Orchid Paint which I found at Lowes if you would like to be true to the color
    • Good News is that if the true Radiant Orchid color is a bit too bold for your taste, you can still be on trend by using varying shades of the color from a light lavender to a deep purple to a fuschia pink… You don’t have to go all in with the color to be on trend for 2014! Only use what you are comfortable with and love.
  • Design Tips
    • While at first look Radiant Orchid may seem like a difficult color to work with, it in actuality is one of the EASIEST colors to incorporate because it goes with almost anything from neutrals to greens, blues, light yellows and metallics so you won’t have to change much to add it in!  Here are some décor ideas, color combo inspirations and DIY money saving tips to update your house and embrace 2014’s color of the year:
    • My Key Design Tip – When shopping for on-trend pieces that you won’t keep forever, I always look for two key things: Low Investment and High Impact Pieces! – You want pieces that will make a statement but you don’t want to invest too much since they are a trend item you will likely change out in the future
    • Making Aspirational Approachable – I always love to try and translate what we see in the aspirational design magazines approachable for everyday living so here are some décor ideas for the main rooms in your house:


      • Living RoomUse what you have and add a splash of color!  Most of us have a neutral pallet for our foundation pieces like our couch so it’s a quick, easy and inexpensive to add some new pillows and a throw that add color and some great accessory pieces to update your room!
        • Throws in Purple, Fuschia and Radiant Orchid from Homegoods – $16.99 – $19.99
        • Pillows from Old Time Pottery and Homegoods – $5.99 – $24.99
        • Decorative Boxes that add a punch of color and design – Homegoods – $5.99
        • Serving Trays with a pop of Radiant Orchid for your ottoman or coffee table – Homegoods – $14.99
        • Metallic accents to bring in some neutral shine and glam – Marshalls and Old Time Pottery – $7.99 – $9.99
        • Irridescent Lime Green Votive Candle Holders to accent a color mix with the Radiant Orchid – Old Time Pottery – $1.99
        • Agate Natural Stone Art with Metallic Gold Border – Homegoods – $16.99
        • Large Wooden Vase in deep Radiant Orchid Color – Homegoods – $19.99
        • Custom Quote Art – Dragonfly Custom Design – $10.00 / Print at Office Depot – $3 –
        • Damask Linen in Ivory and Lavendar – Over the Top Linen –


      • Dining Room – You don’t have to start over, use what you have and then invest in a set of new wine glasses or salad plates and some new candles that will give your current dining set a punch of color and new life!
        • Calvin Klein Candles in an ombre lavender to dark purple – Homegoods – $7.99
        • Mercury Glass tall candle holders to add some glamour – Mine from Home but check Homegoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for similar styles
        • Mercury Glass Low Vase to add a bit of neutral shine – Marshalls – $4.99
        • Radiant Orchid Dessert Plate – Homegoods – $2.99
        • Glass Orchid Napkin Ring – Homegoods – $6.99
        • Square Plate – Mine from Home but originally purchased at Old Time Pottery
        • Silver or Fuschia Wine Glasses or Pink with Silver Design and Silver Drink Glasses – Homegoods – $3.99 – $7.99
        • Lavender Napkin – Over the Top Linen –
        • Fuschia Linen – Over the Top Linen –


      • Bedroom I always recommend investing in a great foundation piece like a neutral bedding set and then using your accessories to add some personality and style!
        • White and Grey 6-Piece Queen Bedding Set by Max Studio Home – Marshalls – $89.99
        • Lavender Sheet Set – Marshalls – $24.99
        • Fuschia Sheet Set – Homegoods – $24.99
        • Deep Amethyst Sheet Set – Marshalls – $39.9
        • Throws in Radiant Orchid, Fuschia and Amethyst – Homegoods – $16.99 – $19.99
        • Fuschia Decorative Pillow – Homegoods – $24.99
        • Set of Ivory and Radiant Orchid Geometric Decorative Pillows – Homegoods – $19.99
        • Beaded White Pillows to add some glamour – Homegoods – $16.99
        • Radiant Orchid Lamp Shade – Ross – $7.99
        • Plum Accent Rug – Old Time Pottery – $24.99
        • Beige Window Curtain Set – Old Time Pottery – $12.99 / Purple Ribbon Accent Border – Walmart – $3.99


      • Kitchen – You can easily add some pops of color to your kitchen accessories for a minimal amount of money that will add a cheery impact!  Change out your canisters on your counter, your dishtowels, napkins and even brave a quick DIY project and reupholster your kitchen chair seat cushions with a complimentary fabric!
        • Radiant Orchid Canister Jars – Old Time Pottery – $2.99 – $3.49
        • Purple Decorative Vase – Marshalls – $4.99
        • Teal Chargers – Michael’s – $1.99
        • Radiant Orchid and Teal Dishtowels Packs of 4 Towels – Old Time Pottery – $4.99
        • Teal and White Home Décor Fabric for Kitchen Chair Cushions – Old Time Pottery – $5.99/yard
        • Kitchen Art – Julia Child Quote – Dragonfly Custom Design – – $10.00 / Print at Office Depot – $2.00
        • Linen – Over the Top Linen –


      • Bathroom – You can update a powder room so easily by simply changing out the hand towels, adding some accessories like a cute plum jewelry box, candles or a new soap holder set and even adding a radiant orchid hue of liquid soap!
        • Lavender decorative vase – Homegoods – $7.99
        • Plum colored glass soap dish – Homegoods – $5.99
        • Plum colored cotton ball jar – Homegoods – $9.99
        • Radiant Orchid decorative bottle of liquid soap – Homegoods – $4.99
        • Radiant Orchid colored hand towel – Homegoods – $5.99
        • Radiant Orchid colored washcloth – Homegoods – $3.99
        • Lavender colored decorative hand towel – Homegoods – $6.99
        • Deep plum jewelry box – Homegoods – $19.99
        • Silver glass tray – Old Time Pottery – $4.99
        • Purple votive candles and clear glass candleholders – Old Time Pottery – $.99 each
    • DIY Project Tips – Don’t be afraid to try some easy and affordable DIY projects that will make a statement!
      • Kitchen Chair Cushions – All you need is a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a staple gun – Simply unscrew the cushion from the bottom of the seat, take the cushion off and lay it upside down on your fabric.  It’s just like wrapping a present – measure your fabric to ensure you have enough to come up and over to the underside of the cushion.  Once you have that figured out simply cut out and then you can start stapling.  I start at the top middle first and then the bottom middle to make sure I have it pulled tight then work my way around from there.  If you are using a patterned fabric, don’t forget to double check that your pattern is straight before you start cutting and stapling to avoid any crooked mishaps and frustration! Happy upholstering!
      • Décorative Wall Trim – I am in LOVE with this home décor solution!  It makes such a huge impact design statement without having to hire an expensive carpenter to create custom moldings and the white breaks up a strong color to add some neutrality and dimension to the wall.  I found these at Lowes in the trim aisle for about $12 each.  You can nail them to the wall or if you are renting you can affix picture-hanging brackets to the back and literally hang them like pictures around the base of your walls.  Adding some chair rail trim is a bit more advanced but completely do-able if you want to give it a shot.  I use glossy white spray paint with two coats to make them look finished!  Just spray them in a ventilated area and let them dry prior to installing.
      • Ribbon Border for Curtains – You can easily stick with a neutral color scheme for your windows but accent it by attaching a strip of colorful linen down the edge.  It’s super easy with some heat and bond hemming tape ($2 at Walmart in the sewing section).  All you have to do is place the heat and bond tape behind the ribbon and fuse it onto your curtains with some heat from an iron.  *One note of caution, read the package of your curtains before doing this because not every curtain fabric can be ironed and I don’t want you to ruin your new purchase!  If the curtains cannot be ironed, don’t worry, you can always sew the ribbon onto the edge and voila!, you’ve incorporated a splash of color to brighten the room and tie all the accessories together.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and see your designs and favorite inspirations!  Make sure to send them to me at or comment on this post!  Happy Designing!




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