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Spring Home Trends – Color! Color! Color!

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Wondering how to give your home décor a refresh and pop for Spring? Here are some easy and affordable tips that you can use to add some new life to your home this season!

Color, Color, Color!

  • The best way to brighten your house and your mood in time for Spring is with color!
  • Quick and easy changes like these don’t have to be expensive, you can get just a few new accessories or pillows for $10-25 and you’ll feel like you walked into a whole new room
  • The key to home décor is being surrounded by things that you love and make you happy!

Living Room or Master Bedroom

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  • Use some new colorful pillows, throws and accessories to bring a renewed life to your living room or master bedroom in bright cheery colors like blues, oranges, lime greens or buttery yellows
  • Add some new and fresh artwork in bright colors
  • Surround yourself with happy and positive messages on your decorative pillows or the artwork to keep you uplifted
  • Even change out your rugs seasonally as an affordable but impactful change to updating your room – $50-150
  • Add a new brightly colored sidetable as another affordable impact piece $30-70
  • Tip: Pick rugs or bedding with a neutral base color as foundation pieces that you don’t have to switch out throughout the year so you can easily just update your spaces by adding color through inexpensive accessories



  • It’s so easy to add some life to your kitchen in an extremely affordable way by changing your table linen to a brighter hue or adding some colorful placemats, napkins or dishes to refresh the look.
  • These are easy and accessible changes that can literally range from just a couple of dollars for a canister in a bright color for your countertop to less than $10 for a set of four new placemats or linen napkins to update your table
  • Again, add some new artwork and voila you’ll feel like you walked into an inviting new room that is cheery

DIY Tips


  • It’s easier than you think to also update your décor by changing or updating pieces you currently have such as painting a side table another color or changing the fabric on your kitchen chair cushions
  • It’s additionally easy to spray paint some serving trays or cover in a fabric you love to repurpose an item that you already have.
  • Switch out items from around your house and move them to different rooms to give yourself a new look without spending a dime
  • You can also easily swap out your curtains in any room for a brighter shade for Spring/Summer and then switch them back for Fall/Winter to a darker shade

Final Tip

  • Don’t be intimidated by change, go for it and you will love the results and have a brand new cheery environment to start the new season!

Send me your design questions in the comments below or email me at and I’ll be happy to help you with some ideas! Here’s to a colorful and happy Spring season!



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